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Only available in Dutch : Online E-learning Patronen Doorbreken 4 weken

Wij leven elke dag in onze dagelijkse patronen. Deze bestaan uit bewuste en onbewuste leefstijl ritmes en is waarneembaar in ons gedrag. Hoe tof is het om je bewust te worden van je eigen patronen en deze te leren begrijpen? Dat is de eerste stap van herkenning en erkenning om je leven anders vorm te gaan geven. Als je namelijk altijd blijft doen wat je doet, veranderd er helemaal niks in je leven en kom je ook niet waar je wilt zijn.

Deze 4 weken nemen je mee op een verdiepende reis met waardevolle oefeningen, vragen, introspectie om jezelf eens flink onder de loep te nemen. Na 4 weken tijd ben jij een stuk gezonder, bewuster, liefdevoller, fitter, meer zelfverzekerd en leef je veel meer in balans.

Met de app kun je naast je laptop ook dagelijks het programma gebruiken. De licentie is 3 maanden online beschikbaar, om integratiewerk toe te passen.

Kosten: € 111,- inclusief BTW

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Holistic Health course day for companies

Holistic Health is a wonderful course day where you learn ultimate collaboration with your workplace as a team. A connected group of people starts with a holistic view of all energy levels. You can only go to work well and deliver motivated work if you are well in all of your energy levels.

Consciously and sustainably, you will receive theoretical and practical training as a group. A fantastic experience where team building occurs and all employees are allowed to deepen and receive personal development. The coaching skills and handling of case histories make for a day of recognition, acknowledgement and fun. From this place, space is freed up for new insights, connection, recognition, satisfaction, cooperation and of course, as a result; sustainable employability in the workplace.

Request a quote for this customised course day. The UMC is a very satisfied client, where nurses received a wonderful appreciation with the Holistic Health training from Nicole Coaching.

Investment: price on request and exclusive VAT

Do you want Holistic Health in the workplace? 


pep and punch

Mindful kickboxing (half -day)

This interactive physical workshop will give you new and positive energy! A great tool to connect with in group work. Kickboxing is a contact sport where you learn to tune in with your partner on various layers. Intrinsically, you are activated to stand up for yourself more and become physically and mentally stronger in this. Where my Martial Art background as a fighter and working in the health care system als a defensibility trainer are very powerful to uplift you as a group with dynamic and inter-active exercises.

Emotionally, Pep&Punch allows you to discharge and feel through which emotion needs some space. The expression comes out beautifully in the kickboxing itself. The combinations and kickboxing sessions focus on cooperation, resilience, assertiveness, discharging and recharging positive energy. Wonderful to experience with a group together.

Investment: price on request and exclusive VAT

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familie opstellingen voor bedrijf

Business constellation (all day)

A business constellation is more than the position displayed of yourself and your colleagues. The systems from the company show recognisably and insightfully in the field what the role distribution is of everyone connected to the company. This constellation is incredibly valuable and gives all participants, both active and participating, the opportunity to actually 'stand in their own place' in the field from their own strength and balance. This full day training is transformative and connecting for both the employee and the whole company.

Investment: price on request and exclusive VAT

Would you like the training day of constellation work for companies in your workplace?

Lydia van Manen

Nurse UMC Hospital

The Holistic Health course day at the UMC was a valuable and interesting course day. Nice to see how enthusiastic you are. You engaged the group well and asked us great questions.

This allows us to share our experiences in confidence. Lots of interaction with each other I see as TOP! Mindful kickboxing at the end of the day was also very good.

Kirsten Karsijns

Nurse UMC Hospital

Good self-care is essential in hospitals, the Holistic Health programme is exactly what we need at the UMC. The mental resilience in the programme is incredibly useful.

Nicole is a great coach, she is very attuned to her audience. Nicole knows exactly what is going on with people. I found the course day extremely valuable.

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