3 months of personal coaching

Live your authentic self

' Choosing from a conscious, autonomous state of being gives self-assurance, success, peace and confidence. Both internally and in your daily lifestyle you will master your focus and manifestation power to the fullest.'

Do you recognise yourself in this?

- Do you make yourself small or subordinate to others?
- Are you a people pleaser, does fear underlie this ?  
- Do you take the leadership role too little and thus not proactively ?
- Do you recognise your survival mechanisms from fear and is this an obstacle for you?
- Do you feel not seen or heard?
- Do you compare yourself to others?
- Don't you dare to be or show/hear yourself completely ?
- Do you recognise patterns in your family line which you do not want to pass on to the next generation?
- Are you looking (consciously or unconsciously) for outside affirmation?
- Do you feel disappointed in life or by people more than average?
- Is setting and monitoring boundaries a theme for you?
- Do you make choices based on fear, shame or from guilt?
- Do you give more than you can receive?
- Are you dealing with a toxic relationship (push-pull setting) or are you just coming out of that?
- Are you unable to see your own blind spots well and reflect on them less well?

'If this is recognisable then it's time for you to dive into where this is coming from and much more effectively: what can you start doing about this to make a positive change in your life?'

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Live your authentic self

In our performance culture, being allowed to be completely yourself is a huge challenge. What a gift to shape your own systems in your adult life in which old conditioning lapses and space is created for a passion-filled and sustainable lifestyle that is fulfilling. 

From a free, loving and authentic place, you can make choices in life that align with your inner self. This requires being able to sincerely, honestly and transformatively look at yourself in the mirror. This requires courage, commitment and self-reflection. I provide this guidance from my expertise 1 on 1 in these 3 months to achieve the most sustainable conscious lifestyle possible for you. 

Content of the 3-month program

Month 1:

Healthy conscious routines for your daily life

Deze maand start jij met een persoonlijk plan gericht op dagelijkse sport oefeningen, beluister je mijn eigen ingesproken begeleidde meditaties, ontvang je aanpassing in je voeding, aanvulling van de nodige supplementen om je voedingswaarden, vitamines en mineralen afgestemd op je eigen lichaam en geest in te zetten.

Elke dag leer je ook beknopt te reflecteren op je dag, zodat je goed slaapt en elke dag fris en vol energie de dag start. Deze dagelijkse routines geven je consistentie, motivatie en veel JOY! Met video's, oefeningen, muziek, fysieke trainingsschema's en mij als wekelijkse online coach werken wij aan je nieuwe gezonde routines.

Month 2:

Consciously reflecting on your inner self

In the second month, you have laid a huge foundation of energy, strength both physically and mentally to start delving into your shadow sides. What insights may you receive to become more receptive for growth and to allow success in your life, so that you stand where you wish to be?

This growth involves deepening, consciously looking at, re-programming family patterns, conditioning, coping mechanisms and peeling off old thoughts, feelings, beliefs & learning to replace them with constructive and positively empowering mindset elements. 

Month 3:

Focus on self-love & manifesting your dreams

In the third and final month, you have created free space in your life, positively empowered your mindset, optimally recharged your physical body and reprogrammed your conditionings, patterns and family systems. After 60 days, this new lifestyle is nicely integrated and you have all your focus on manifesting your dreams. 

With ceremonies, effective rituals and a driven focus on living up to what you are going to establish as your authentic self are now being realised for the long term to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

After 3 months:

Live your authentic self!

After 3 months, you are transformed into the version of yourself where you consciously live with fulfilment and from self-love. With the help of daily tools, exercises, motivation, reflection techniques, recognising and transforming your old self vs. establishing your desired authentic self, you will be able to fully master this state of living on your own and from autonomy. 

Above all, you may live completely in authenticity from yourself and your environment receives you with complete dignity and respect which you are giving to yourself. 'What comes around goes around.' Remember you are the Master of your own universe. 


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Shirley Rianne


Nicole's programme was a new beginning for me, in which I became a better version of myself. It has brought me clarity and enlightenment. I am grateful that I was able to leave all my emotions behind and now lovingly dare to set my boundaries. I am full of confidence and love again and am much more powerful.



Social Worker

When I felt my first need was; turning inward and doing deep inner work - even before I wanted to go next level outward in my life and business; I knew I had to be with Nicole.

Nicole coached me for 8 weeks. During the weekly sessions, Nicole coached me on the themes of feeling through unprocessed emotions, family patterns and self-expression: emotionally, and then - in my potential. Through in-depth conversations and constellation work, I was able to let go of the old story I was telling myself and write a new story about myself. Learning to stand for this.

What this has brought me?
A new firm foundation, lightness. From anxious, solid and gloomy to light, flow and strength. The undercurrent is now soft and peaceful.

What makes it so nice to work with Nicole is that everything is allowed to be there. She created a safe space and managed to defrost me with her fine energy and make me dare to blossom. Nicole is very professional in what she does and I enjoy staying in touch with her. Highly recommend taking on difficult but necessary processes with Nicole.



Spiritual guide

I did a process with Nicole and I became very impressed with our collaboration. Her complete presence for me and my process made me feel confident to open myself.

The great thing about her method is that I was not only able to release the deep layers of pain , but also to transform them directly into power! Nicole is light when she could but also focused and serious when needed. 

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Melody Janssen


Nikki coached me on a 6-month journey to understanding myself better and work on and change my outdated patterns.

If you ask people, they will tell you that I like to do things my way and I can be skeptical at first. And I was skeptical about the coaching, but I trusted her and gave into the experience. I knew her from previous kickboxing classes and I always loved Nikki's energy and empathy.

Despite my skepticism, Nikki remained engaged, curious, slightly pushing but gentle and accepting.

I never felt that she was judging me for being skeptical and also stubborn at times. She gave me the space I needed to follow her guidance and always gave me the feeling that she cared about my progress.

Her work helped me to get to the root of my patterns and reveal connections in my past I was never aware of.

Her program is a unique mixture of coaching, ceremonies and exercises. She gives clear guidance and is always there to support.  

I am very glad we worked together on the 6-month program and now continuing with separate coaching sessions.  

Cheers Mel

Where are you after 3 months?

✅ Positive energy and focus

✅ Videos, music, exercises, tools & insights for daily healthy routines

✅ 10 years of inner work experience in 3 effective months

✅ Professional reflection methods AND sustainable applicability

✅ Weekly 60-minute online coaching

✅ 3 sessions of 1.5 hours: family constellations and a ceremony

✅ Recipe book, Chakra healing PDF, workout schedules & guided meditations

✅ Weekly themes and depth on your personal development

✅ Insights and rituals for your home energy management

✅ Creative motivation by coaching so you manifest your dreams



Voice releaser

What I find most powerful about the work Nicole does is that she connects physical, mental, emotional and energetic processes.

Creatively, she always finds a way to let go of something, regain your own strength and clean up. Her energetic healing really adds tremendous value. I highly recommend Nicole!



Transformation coach

Nicole strikes a nice balance between power and sensitivity.

Looks and feels honestly with you and helps you explore yourself, which you can put to good practical use

Questions about the program

Each week you will work with homework assignments, videos, guided meditations, sports exercises, cognitive coaching skills both at home and in our joint sessions. 

You will also receive one 1.5-hour session per month for additional deepening and healing using a family constellation and ceremony. 

Per week, you spend an average of 2-3 hours at least on inner work. 

You will experience a wonderful inner journey with daily exercises, questions, knowledge, reflection, coaching. You will learn an incredible amount about yourself and how you deal with situations. This self-development and the guidance offered offer a new self-image in which you can totally shine.

Both with tailor-made exercises you work on yourself and with inspiring successful motivational speakers and insightful knowledge from professional sources you feed yourself with new growth every week. 

By discovering what you don't want, you get a clearer picture of what healthy boundaries are and you start standing up for what you really want. With my coaching, you are mirrored and questioned to explore what these elements are. Transformation happens when you choose what you really want inside.

From commitment and focus, I guide you towards a newly reformed version of yourself that is more in tune with the person you are and will live from your essence. 

The step from wanting to doing is very small if there is a clear motivation and focus on your inner source. As you begin to see and appreciate yourself more and more for who you are, the rest will flow not only to you -> also through you. 

The journey to your heart is a deep, honest, sometimes tough, healing journey. Everything is shown in your world when you learn to live from your heart. The highs and the lows, the depths and the skies. Without darkness, there can be no light. 

If you learn to appreciate that the learning lessons, also called the dark, may teach you where you can grow, you don't have to avoid this process. Here, instead, you learn to move through the resistance and grab the growth faster, putting focus on your healing journey and hereby you allow manifestations to come to life. 

'Where attention goes, energy flows' 

Everything is energy. The day starts with a frequency, focus, attention, choices on what is going to feed you & not fill you. 

Seeing, recognising, addressing, acknowledging and thereby reversing is necessary to put old learned behaviours and new patterns into your lifestyle, preferably for at least 30 days to make a substantial difference. 

90 days is a mega kickstart to putting yourself on a sustainable lifestyle path to integrate newly learned behaviours. 

This gives daily energy, joy, passion, fire and a huge sense of a worthy feeling about yourself. 

Being authentic means living close to your own core. You don't adapt or compare yourself to others. 

You are allowed to be completely yourself and this energy is seen, heard and appreciated in the world. Both by you from the inside and from the outside, by your environment. 

You discover pieces of yourself that you have not been aware of before. These insights give recognition and a fulfilled sense of self-esteem. Filling a void is no longer necessary. You will enrich yourself with exactly what makes you strong and proud of you!

The focus goes purposefully to what you are naturally good at. We will feed this source. The energy flows effortlessly and you are feeling aligned and powerful. 

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