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I guide you to clarity, inspiration and inner strength, so you start doing what you really want from inside and create a life full of fulfilment and positive energy

'You receive lasting transformations because you are coached on the 4 energy levels.'

4 energy levels

To generate true sustainable change, it is essential that you learn to master all 4 levels of energy. At Nicole Coaching you will maintain these elements and switch between these systems. You will be coached in a creative program where you will enrich and recharge yourself on all these layers, to stay stronger and more confident at your own core.

Discover how you score on these 4 energy levels. Do the Holistic Health check now and receive insights about which energy pillars need more attention. This way you will know better which program of Nicole coaching suits you best.


Do you feel that you are lacking in 1 of these energy levels?

It could very well be because most people only work from 1 or 2 levels. And that makes sense because you are busy, you have several balls to keep high, you already feel overloaded. So do you also need to manage your energy on all 4 levels?

Energy management at all levels is also quite a job I can tell you. I understand very well where you sit. Especially through my own lessons and experiences, I also see what happens when these four energy levels get out of balance.

To give you an example; you do try to exercise regularly and eat healthy but there is no room for feeling and processing events and their emotions. You prefer to push those to the background. Let alone having time for spiritual growth!

Chances are you not only feel exhausted, but also experience a lack of fulfillment and enjoyment in your life.

Other consequences may include; burnout, overworked, living in a rut, stuck in the rat race and not happily going about your day.

I have more than 10 years of experience in guiding, coaching and activating people to get these energy levels back into balance so that you can start living from satisfaction and pleasure again. A fantastic side-effect of my coaching is more physical energy and inner peace.

What you get when you work with me

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How can you work with me


1-on-1 Coaching

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Sarian van Rijs

Sarian van Rijs


In an intense period I contacted Nicole, she immediately puts you at ease, gives good advice and has a wonderful energy. Then I did the Be Balanced 4-Energy program, this gave me so much strength, awareness and self-confidence during the intense period.

Despite all my sadness, I felt like a power woman! Every day I became happy with her positive energy that you get daily through videos, feel fit through the sports exercises and yoga, laugh at a nice piece of cabaret, become aware through the knowledge she gives, listen and relax through music and meditation.

A very varied program, run through with a laugh and a tear. Definitely recommended!!!

Andre Schuijt


I signed up with Nicole coaching and was allowed to begin 4 weeks of breaking patterns. I started with a detox that consisted of only drinking vegetable/fruit juices and getting more exercise.
This was impressive because in a short time my energy increased significantly, and more energy is more resistance. My work went incredibly well, friends were super satisfied. Meanwhile, through the program of Nicole coaching, I learned a lot more including "tidying up," I got rid of things that made me "remember" negatively and I got a better view of my future and new goals.

After 10 weeks I had lost 20 kg of excess weight and felt a lot of energy in my head and body. Now I am working on promoting sleep, quitting smoking and relaxation, during the coaching I also learned what "envy" meant, I am also working on this and because of this I no longer focus on others but rather on myself, and my work because envy evokes negative energy in me, I am slowly starting to become a new person.

Therefore, for me, the 4 weeks of breaking patterns was priceless!

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Shirley Rianne


She is strong and powerful like a lioness. She sees the essence, sees you through all the layers.

She gives you space, time and genuine attention and support for a new start, a better version of yourself, a new beginning, cheerful, full of humor, she radiates good energy. She clarifies and enlightens you.

Everything is allowed to be there.

She values you, whatever decision you make, whatever you decide. She coaches and trains with you, to lovingly dare to express your boundaries. Grateful that I could leave all the emotions I felt behind and let them go. To stand there more powerfully again, full of confidence and love.

Noortje Schreuders


This is exactly what I needed! I met Nicole when I was recovering from burn out and where just talking about it wasn't enough anymore. Through the combination of physical and mental coaching I was finally able to let go of old pain and fears. Nicole is a very nice person with whom it is easy to be open. Every class is different and each time I went home feeling liberated and with tangible tips. Apart from the very nice emotional release, it is also a wonderful work-out. Well worth it!

Miquel de Boer

Energy worker / healer

I once had the opportunity to follow a truffle ceremony with Nicole coaching. Apart from the session, which for me personally was very powerful and magical, I also enjoyed the coaching around it. Good preparation really makes a difference in such a session.

Finally, I recently did a detox juice cleanse and sports week at Nicole Coaching. This has not only given me a boost of new energy in a physical sense. In fact, I feel a lot better physically and in terms of energy since that week.

I've also become mentally and a lot stronger and much more motivated now to do a little exercise/exercise every day and have really gotten a lot stronger and more muscular physically since then.

So Nicole Coaching does not know how to excite you during her sessions but especially the motivation to persevere independently I find super valuable thanks to her way of coaching.

Daniëlle doeve

Founder HeartForce & HeartFire

I did the Mindful kickboxing trainings with Nicole. It helped me tremendously to get out of my head and into my body and awakened the lioness in myself. ROAR!

It is much more than a kickboxing workout. She also uses meditation, powerful visualizations, constellation work and magic. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get back to his or her core.

About me Nicole

I am Nicole and work as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I coach people to be more in their own power. My methods focus on an all-round approach to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems. With awareness, I let you see that healing your own patterns, lifestyle, choices and behavior is entirely in your own creative power.

After a long search to take my own space, I managed to overcome quite a few obstacles. With a lack of self-love, a true people pleaser, confused and overloaded, I had taught myself that I would save the world. From hospitality to social work, as a youth worker to resilience trainer, from Muay Thai fighter to healer, I have been allowed to travel a very intense and beautiful life path. By now I have learned, with a healthy dose of self-esteem, to no longer want to save my outside world but to give myself the love, appreciation and recognition I am allowed to receive.

What an eye-opener the path to awareness has given me that my pain, sadness, fears, anger, triggers are all part of the lessons I have learned to grow into the person I am today. The importance of developing the 4 energy levels, has really been key for me in this.

I now live as a successful independent woman and have taken every step and responsibility. With compassion, I have been able to feel, learn to understand and integrate what makes my heart beat faster. My vulnerable authenticity is balanced with my decisive passion. My life now consists of more joy, fun, magic and abundance! Both in my own life and in connection with my family members, friends and the people I work with.

I so much wish you too to live with yourself in self-confidence. That your life is flowing and bubbling with positive energy again and the child in you is awake again. Mastering and connecting the 4 energy levels has brought me an incredible amount. I am happy to teach you this lifestyle so that you too can live a balanced and happy lifestyle.

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