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familie opstellingen

Family Constellations

You can book a family constellation with me individually.
This takes up to 1.5 hours. Systemic work is wonderful where your family patterns are drawn up in an insightful way. You may sense your own energy field and feel the mother and father line again. If something is not in the right place systemically, you will see and feel it immediately. This session is healing and effective if you would like to release blockages in the field of your family lineage.

Investment: €122, - single session

Investment: €333, - three-part session :

  • Letting go of the past
  • Standing in your present life
  • Focus on your future

Coach Program: 'Take your own space'

Occupy your own space consists of a personal attunement in which you receive a clear overview of your exact blockages on all your energy levels. With an intake and a questionnaire you will be multidimensionally filtered to the core of your obstacles and your request for help.

You will be tested on all your systems and you will release old energy in 3 1.5 hour sessions. These 3 sessions are discharging and recharging.

Depending on your request for help, you will take your place in a powerful field where you will free yourself as a means to free yourself from that which keeps you small, blocks and stagnates you. Your inner fire is activated and full of self-confidence you take back control. The activation makes you more resilient, assertive and confident in a short period of time. This session can take place online or physically, with or without kickboxing as a tool.

If your energy levels are more in need of softness or insights then you will receive a 1.5 hour Pranic Healing or family constellation. In this the energy starts to flow more internally because new awareness is brought to the exact core and places where it is blocking. You will not be touched with these techniques.

Investment: €555,- including VAT

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patronen doorbreken bg

Coach Program 'Breaking Your Family Patterns'

The intensive program consists of 2 months of lifestyle coaching. The goal of the intensity is for you to independently integrate new knowledge weekly using the sessions. Alternating between our joint session and your integration work, you will have 8 weeks to fully integrate new patterns and behaviors into your life.

You will receive 4 sessions. These are based on systemic constellation work. Targeted to your needs, you will release old patterns, behaviors and blockages. The program also includes a family constellation and Pranic Healing to clean up your family patterns and energy.

Online, you will receive a weekly 60-minute coaching session where I coach you with valuable insights and reflection on your own behavior. You will also receive weekly homework exercises to help you grow into the version of yourself you wish to be.

Investment: €1.111,- including VAT

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Coach Program: 'Live your authentic self'

The coaching programme 'live your authentic self' provides enormous enrichment on all your energy levels. Your consciousness is expanded and with 12 weeks of intensive coaching you will receive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth that you will feel and live with for the rest of your life. You will be trained and reset on all energy levels to re-programme your daily life rhythm. Old patterns will be replaced by healthy and sustainable new behaviour.

I guide you weekly online with 60 minutes of coaching. In this you will directly integrate your growth and lessons learned. Resistance and resilience will be tested and you will learn new skills to use independently in your life. Either way, in this wonderful journey you will feel the transformation with yourself to the core.

The structure of the sessions is determined at personal alignment. Here I guide you on themes of personal development, inner child, emotional release, family patterns and taking authentic leadership. After 3 months you will be fully empowered and living the exact life you dreamed of.

Investment: €2.222,- including VAT

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Michel Kasper

Actor & Free runner

Nicole strikes a nice balance between power and sensitivity.

Looks and feels honestly with you and helps you explore yourself, which you can apply well practically.

Daniëlle doeve

Heart Fire concert organiser

I did the Mindful kickboxing trainings with Nicole. It helped me tremendously to get out of my head and into my body and awakened the lioness in myself. ROAR!

It is much more than a kickboxing workout. She also uses meditation, powerful visualizations, constellation work and magic. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get back to his or her core.

2023-06-24 18.18.15

Melody Janssen


Nikki coached me on a 6-month journey to understanding myself better and work on and change my outdated patterns.

If you ask people, they will tell you that I like to do things my way and I can be skeptical at first. And I was skeptical about the coaching, but I trusted her and gave into the experience. I knew her from previous kickboxing classes and I always loved Nikki's energy and empathy.

Despite my skepticism, Nikki remained engaged, curious, slightly pushing but gentle and accepting.

I never felt that she was judging me for being skeptical and also stubborn at times. She gave me the space I needed to follow her guidance and always gave me the feeling that she cared about my progress.

Her work helped me to get to the root of my patterns and reveal connections in my past I was never aware of.

Her program is a unique mixture of coaching, ceremonies and exercises. She gives clear guidance and is always there to support.  

I am very glad we worked together on the 6-month program and now continuing with separate coaching sessions.  

Cheers Mel

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